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INTERFAITH MARCH: Group Asks For Common Sense Gun Laws

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Iowa’s religious and civic leaders are urging lawmakers in Washington D.C. to take a stand on gun control.

The group known as the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa marched from Saint Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Des Moines to the state capitol Monday afternoon.

Interfaith leaders hope their show of unity will prompt congress to take a common sense approach to curbing gun violence.

They’re calling on Iowa senator’s Tom Harkin and Charles Grassley to lead the fight.

“We’re marching because we are very concerned about gun violence in our society and so it’s people of faith and civic leaders and just plain citizens who want to have their voice heard and want to do something about,” Connie Ryan Terrell said.

The U.S. Senate could vote on several gun control bills after their Easter Break.

A measure to ban assault weapons didn’t make it into the bill approved by the senate judiciary committee last week. Senator Harkin says the ban should be added as amendment. Senator Grassley is against the ban.