EASTER PREPS: Hope Ministries To Serve 2,000 Meals

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Feeding the needy doesn't just happen overnight.

"We're going to serve 1,900-2,000 meals tomorrow,” said David Burrier, Chief Development Officer for Hope Ministries.

Hope Ministries has been planning a menu for months complete with ham, dinner rolls, and desserts for their Easter meal.

The problem is was they were running short on just about everything and the number of people asking for meals has increased 40% since last Easter.

When the word of need got out, it didn't take long for those items to start coming in.

Amber Gustafson and her two daughters spent their Friday night preparing four dozen brownies for the mission.

Making them was the perfect mother-daughter activity, with a lesson that extends beyond the kitchen.

"For them to know that people in the community care about them and they're not forgotten on a holiday like this is important,” said Gustafson.

Hosting the meal takes more than food and cash donations.

Burrier it will take nearly 300 volunteers to collect items, serve, prepare, and deliver the meal.

Many of the volunteers are veterans when it comes to giving back.

"The atmosphere is great. Helping others feels good,” said Hannah Forrest, a volunteer.

In just hours, Hope Ministries collected what they need and more for daily meals.

On Sunday, volunteers will be back to work feeding the body and the soul.

"We want it to be food and then some,” Burrier told Channel 13 News.