MURPHY’S LAW: SHOCKED, Alford heads to Hollywood, Easter candy

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By: John Sears

So who had Wichita State in the Final Four?  Not me.  The Shockers shock Ohio State 70-66 to reach the NCAA semis.  This is the same Wichita State team that lost to Southern Illinois this year.  The same Shocker team that gave up 40+ points to Doug McDermott.  Shockers are good, but this just proves how wide open the NCAA tournament is this year.  Wichita State is a 9-seed, I won’t be surprised if they win it all…Wait, yes I will, who am I kidding.

Shockers are the first Missouri Valley team since Larry Bird’s Indiana State team to make the Final Four.  Now the question is will Gregg Marshall stick around?

Aaron Craft can’t save the Buckeyes this time.  Not many people outside Ohio are upset.

Syracuse beat Marquette in the Big East Elite 8 showdown.  The Orange are in the Final Four.  Jim Boeheim can coach.

If Michigan loses to Florida Sunday zero Big 10 teams will be in the Final Four.  The best conference might not be so mighty after all.

The Golden Boy is headed to Hollywood.  Steve Alford abandons ship at New Mexico and takes the UCLA job.  Seriously?  This is the best you could do UCLA?  Now I’m not saying Alford is terrible, but is he really better than Ben Howland?  Howland went to 3 final fours, Alford has trouble getting out of the first round.  1 thing Alford definitely has going for him, UCLA IS a basketball school, then again so was New Mexico.

alfordIf Alford thought the media was intense in Iowa and New Mexico wait till he gets to LA.

It’s a 7 year 18 million  dollar deal for Alford.  This after just signing a new 10 year deal with New Mexico.  Goes to show you just how worthless contracts are for college coaches.  Worthless.  What’s the point of signing a 10 year contract if you don’t really want to be there?  I get it UCLA is a better job, more $$$, we all get it.

I give Steve credit, he is one helluva business man, or has one super agent.  He goes from almost being fired at Iowa to locking down a solid gig at New Mexico.  He fails numerous times in the NCAA tournament and parlays that in to a job at UCLA.  Makes sense.  Alford’s agent should be getting 50%.

The Barnstormers are 2-0 with 2 road wins to start the season.  This could be their year.

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Full confession, I love candy, so does my wife.  Easter candy ranks near the top.  Get to your local stores on Monday, most Easter candy will be 50% off.  Deals, deals, deals.  And, don’t forget to jump on the Nerd Jelly Bean bandwagon.  Once you’re on, you won’t get off, ever.

Happy Easter!peep show