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BALMY EASTER: Making The Most Of The Weather

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We kicked off the weekend with above average temperatures and central Iowans spent the holiday weekend enjoying the beautiful weather before it disappears again.

On a beautiful Easter, metro residents didn't waste much time inside. The nice temperatures brought lots of people out to the bike trail at Greenwood Park, “We`re just walking, enjoying the day, it`s beautiful out, so we just got out of the house for a little while.”

The Riverwalk Dog Park brought out lots of furry friends but their owners weren’t too happy about the possibility of colder temps heading our way, “I`m done with the snow, I’m very done,” said dog owner, Stacey Bradley.

So for now, both man and man's best friend will enjoy a day in the sun, even if it is short lived.

Last year on this day, the high temperature reached 75 degrees with a low in the 50's.