Heat Advisory


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The weather on Sunday was a bit chilly for a baseball game but that didn’t stop major leaguers or baseball fans from taking in a game.

The same was true at one of the most famous fields, the Field of Dreams.

Families flooded the field in Dyersville for a quick game of catch. The land still looks similar to when the 1989 movie was filmed but it won’t for long.

The company, Go the Distance Baseball purchased the property in 2011. They hope to transform the land around the field for a new baseball and softball complex.

However, the project is running a little behind.

In January, CEO Denise Stillman says they discovered there is thick rock under the farmland, “We had to go ahead and accommodate for that, when we planned where the fields would be, which shifted where the fields are laid out.”

Despite the setback, Go the Distance Baseball plans to begin construction on the complex later this spring.

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