SERVING HOPE: Holiday Meals For Homeless

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Easter Sunday began before sunrise at Hope Ministries.

“We're serving close to 1900 to 2000 meals,” says David Burrier, Hope Ministries Community Relations Officer.

Hundreds of volunteers prepared and packed 700 pounds of ham plus all the fixings.

“Very surprised and how quickly it went, pretty amazing actually,” says Angela Eppert.

She and her family are first-time volunteers.  They came from Boone to feed the homeless and hungry in Des Moines.

“Hope Ministries also saved my life ten years ago,” says volunteer Rodney Sloan.

Back then, he was hopeless drunk.  But Hope Ministries took him in and now, he's the one giving others hope.

“I meet a lot of folks that are struggling and if you can just lend a helping hand and give them a hand up, that's what we're all about,” says Sloan.

This year, Hope Ministries is serving nearly twice as many meals to the homebound and homeless.

“They don't just hand them this meal, they say can I pray over this meal with you.  That's different than most other groups that just bring food- which is fine- but we're different.  We want to bring hope at the same time,” says Burrier.

Burrier says they aren’t just feeding the body, they’re feeding the soul.  Hope Ministries provides emergency shelter, food and clothing year round.  The private non-profit has served the community since 1915.