APRIL FOOL’S: Zoo Animal Prank


Blank Park Zoo is helping people pull off some pranks this April Fool’s Day. The zoo set up special phone numbers for you to hand out to unsuspecting friends. Then when they call the numbers they get a voicemail of one of the animals at the zoo.

It might go something like this, “Good day, you reached the desk of Wally B. Hoppin at the Blank Park Zoo, mate. I’m unavailable because I’m out hoppin’ around.”

Wally B. Hoppin is not alone. His friends, Ryne O., Anna Conda and Don Key also have a voicemail set up.

It all started a few years ago, when the zoo got several prank calls on April 1, so they decided to turn the tables and help people prank others..

In the first year, the zoo received an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 calls.

If you want to hand out one of these messages the numbers include:

  • Ryne O., 515-974-2670
  • Anna Conda, 515-974-2671
  • Don Key, 515-974-2672
  • Wally B. Hoppin, 515-974-2673

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