AGRIBUSINESS: Interest Groups Looking Into Agriculture

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Senator Jerry Moran says it is those who make the most noise that sometimes succeed and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack proves that to be true. Vilsack kept insisting the sequester would force him to shutdown U.S. meat production for at least 11 days.

President Obama signed a spending bill last week giving the Agriculture Department’s food inspectors program $55 million of new money, replacing most of what the sequester took. In 2011, the sequester was designed to exempt some areas of government , such as food stamps and Social Security.

Where it cut was supposed to be clean and even forcing a gridlocked Washington to come up with something else. Senators Mark Pryor and Roy Blunt came up with the solution and wrote an amendment to give the money to the meat inspection program. Now there are many other interest groups trying to push their way through the sequester effects, despite the fact Congress insists no more exceptions will be made.