BULLYING ABC’S: Harlem Globetrotters Visit With Students

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Students at Christ the King Elementary School in Des Moines hosted some special visitors Tuesday.

The Harlem Globetrotters Made a grand entrance to smiling faces.

"We're here to entertain the kids," Trotter, Hammer Harrison says.

Hammer and his team were there to pass along an important message, "Bullying is a bad thing we've been facing in America."

The Globetrotter’s taught the students the ABC's of bullying.  Action, bravery, and compassion all acted out with the help of kids.

"Once I show them I want to come out and have a good time but get this message out they have a good time,” Hammer says.

For the kids, a good time might be an understatement, "that was the best time of my life!" was how one student described the fun to Channel 13.

For the Globetrotters, it’s all in a day’s work, "We're ambassadors of good will not only basketball players, but role models too."