MELTING POT: Drake Tennis Winning With International Flare

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The Drake Men’s tennis team has got game, "each day they've got a goal in mind and that goal is to be the best team in Drake history," Coach Davidson Kozlowski explains.

And they’ve come a long way from 4 years ago when they weren’t ranked at all.

Now, sitting as high as 17th, the Bulldogs are on their way to the best season in school history.

"What we've shown is we can play with anyone in the country.  We'd like to take our shot to see how we do come tournament time," Kozlowski says.

Like any sport, recruiting for tennis plays a large role in success at the college level.  One look at the Drake roster and you'll see the Bulldogs recruit from all over the world.

From the likes of England, Bosnia, Tunisia and Africa all the way to Des Moines, Iowa for tennis. Kozlowski jokes, "one of the tricks is some of these guys might not know where Des Moines is..."

"It’s completely different, the culture is completely crazy," Robin Goodman from England says.

Ben Lott adds, "In America and in Des Moines everything is on a massive scale."

Culture shock, and thousands of miles traveled, but it’s all coming together for Drake.

“From coming in 2009 to where the program is now it’s really unbelievable, not only this season, but next year and years to come." James McKie from Scotland says.