MORNING BUZZ: Construction, Conservation and Court

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Good Morning..

Some quick thoughts…


This season is going to be brutal again.  I say that because, along with the Grand Ave closing at 63rd, there will be multiple projects on 235, 35/80 and 35.  You might want to get up a little earlier over the summer.

Construction 2

The importance of a downtown hotel attached to the Events Center can’t be overstated.  The City needs it.  If you want to move up to the next level of event…that’s the ticket.  It looks like it’s going to happen.


So a fertilizer plant down in Lee County that’s worth more than a billion dollars is going forward but they’re going to have to dig carefully…There might be some remnants of fire pits or clay pots.

Now, I am a lover of history and believe in preserving culture and heritage through historic sites.  That said, where were the people who believe this to be an important site before the plant was going to go up.  Is this just a way for someone else to pay for your exploration?  If there are human remains…surely the right thing to do is stop construction and deal with the remains in a respectful way.  Is the world really going to miss the example of a fire pit?


Good for the Iowa Hawkeyes…playing for a chance at the NIT finals.  that team is going to be good next year and they can gain invaluable experience in game

s like tonight’s.


Easter at our house was a fun day.  Thank goodness it

was nice enough to go out and JT egghunt for eggs.  Both Will and JT didn’t have the egg hunt concept down though…they would throw the eggs.  As long as they have fun.

Have a great day