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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Joel’s Success Story

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For Joel Jones, food has been an issue for most of his life - eating horrible stuff, and too much of it was normal.  But his weight didn't get out of control until after he graduated from college and became a teacher.  A field trip with his class presents a sad, and very vivid memory. “The kids said – 'look at that teacher, he’s so fat!' - and my little fourth graders are saying, ‘but he’s a really nice guy!' - and that broke my heart.”

And it turned out, Joel's heart was suffering - just like the rest of his body. He weighed around 400 pounds.  He was only in his early 30s, but his doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.  "He told me that if I didn’t do something about it I wouldn’t be around when my daughter graduated, and that…that’s not the news you want to hear."

Joel was worried… but not worried enough to change his life.

“You know what I did?... I went right to McDonald’s and ordered a big chocolate shake and didn’t do anything about it for a couple of months."

When he was finally ready to do something – he joined Farrell’s.  Founder Lance Farrell remembers those first few weeks.  “When Joel first started he struggled to kick the bag, and now he’s blasting the bag!  He worked so hard – he puts everything he’s got into it."

Farrell says his mission is to help people live life at level ten.   Joel’s weight was once off the charts…now you could say, his life is. “He inspires everybody – he’s a motivator  and he’s passionate about it because it’s a life change.”

Everything about Joel's life is different now.  “I play ultimate Frisbee – something I never would’ve dreamed of doing, I’m able to do stuff with my kids that I was never able to do, I love obstacle courses so I do those a lot.”

And he has a new found confidence.  he’s applied for a new job and coaches others in the Farrell’s program. “It’s really fun to be involved in their journey and to help them out. You have to get a cast of characters around you to push you to do this and they won’t let you fail."

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