WHIRLWIND TOUR: Zach Wahls Returns To ISU

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Since that one day over two years ago, there just hasn’t been enough Zach Wahls to go around.

Even though this isn’t his first appearance at Iowa State, more chairs were needed.

“Sometimes we’ll have Greek life, frats and sororities coming out, lots of times we’ll have pride group or an LGBT resource center sponsor a talk…”

Since speaking to the Iowa House in January of 2011, Wahls has become one of the most sought-after Iowans in America, and his schedule is packed.

“Quick stint out to New York, Los Angeles is in there somewhere, Minnesota…”

So packed that he’s now just a part-time engineering major at Iowa...

“When I went back to school, this spring, I thought that my schedule was going to be a little bit easier than it wound up being between the Boy Scouts of America with their upcoming decision and the two Supreme Court cases, I’ve been staying pretty busy.”

Decisions from the Boy Scouts and U.S. Supreme Court are forthcoming, but there is no waiting on the fourth anniversary of Iowa’s Varnum decision, and that’s why he’s here.  The decision changed his life, and made him a subject of both admiration and controversy.

“The concern for me is not necessarily whether or not I’m able to talk to the Bob Vander Plaats’s of the world, the concern for me is whether or not I’m able to talk to the folks who are on the fence and who are trying to wrestle with this very important question.”

There won’t be time to commemorate the day, it’s back to the road…

“I’m going out to Pennsylvania, tomorrow, then Ohio on Thursday, Wyoming on Friday…”

Zach Wahls has speeches to give, minds to change, and only so much time in one life.