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IOWA TREES: Advocating For State Forestry

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A group took root in the Statehouse rotunda Wednesday, lobbying for trees in Iowa.

Dozens of advocates spoke with lawmakers about several different forestry topics.

One of the topics was invasive species like the emerald ash borer and its impact on the state. The state has already dedicated $100,000 to woodland health but the group is asking lawmakers to double that DNR fund.

We know trees are important to the environment, but authorities say they are also important to the economy.

“Wood based businesses in Iowa employ 18,000 people and have a payroll of  $931 million …so very  important to the economy especially  in the eastern third of the state,” says Paul Tauke, Iowa DNR Forestry Bureau Chief.

Experts say Iowa trees should be able to bounce back from the drought as long as the dry weather doesn’t last for several years.