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MORNING BUZZ: Arrests Threats and Vine

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Good Morning!

I went for a run yesterday outside for the first time (my nike+app informs me) since December.  I was proud of the fact that I did my 4.6 mile circuit without stopping but my legs are complaining a bit this morning… it’s supposed to be even nicer today so get out and enjoy the weather!  Incidentally I use the Walnut Creek trail that runs through the intersection of 63rd and Grand.  It is still open…they just detour you around the construction.

The News


Des Moines police have been busy, concluding investigations on the fatal hit and run March 16th that killed a man and the brutal beating and carjacking that happened February 26th.

The one lady arrested for the hit and run had four OWIs…FOUR!  Police can’t stop people from getting behind the wheel of a car but man…it makes you wonder who’s in the car next to you.

Silly Season

So get ready for silly season at the State Capitol.  We’re getting to the point in the session where lawmakers run out of other stuff to do and are waiting for negotiations over the budget to conclude.  This is when we start hearing about a special law declaring Iowa “the bestest state ever” or where we have to suffer through a tantrum from some lawmaker who’s decided to make noise about a pet issue that has no chance of passing but will score him/her points with his/her constituents.  If they don’t have anything to do, they should go home and come back when there’s a budget to vote on.


So I’m torn between uneasiness over North Korea’s threats and the potential consequences on our military and total disregard of the bluster coming from Pyongyang.  I mean this is a country that is essentially starving…it’s a political system that even the Chinese have reformed and even if they decided to attack South Korea, I’m inclined to think most of the North Korean soldiers would lay down their weapons within a day or two. Still they say they can produce small nuclear weapons and if they use em…a lot of people could die.  So is it worth it to let these guys mouth off or are we doing the human race, and a whole lot of North Koreans a favor by taking these guys down and reunifying Korea?


I had a coach that yelled a lot as a Freshman in High School.  he wasn’t nearly as abusive as this guy from Rutgers but he certainly controlled by fear.  He told us when we started practice freshman year that f he was yelling at you…be glad, at least he was paying attention to you.  It’s when he WASN’T yelling at you that you had to be concerned.  It’s an old school way of getting things done.  To many coaches have shown a better way of doing things over the years (see Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery).


So Arielle Nixon showed mt a new APP for the iPhone yesterday.  it’s called Vine.  This is probably not new for a lot of you but it essentially lets you take a short video montage to post online.  I see a good use for behind the scenes fun on the morning show, teases and serious breaking news coverage.  Try it out!

I hope you all have a good day.