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MORNING BUZZ: Chase, How Far? and Hugs

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Good morning.  I am blogging from a secure location…avoiding my Hug an Anchor Day Hugs.  Greg Edwards started it this morning and I didn’t believe him…sure enough April 4 is Hug Your News Anchor Day.  To be clear, he could have hugged Brooke.  The Ladies are included in this…. though I’m not sure why it exists at all.  For the record I am a hugger.  I just generally don’t like to hug people for spectacle… it feels a little impersonal.  So if I looked uncomfortable…I was.

The News


I continue to wonder how someone thinks they are going to outrun the police…especially in the middle of the night when they can basically take every Police officer on the road and get them chasing you.  Stop sticks work…and you aren’t getting away.  Better to face up to the warrants you’ve got than to add a few other charges.

How Far?

…Is too far when you are talking about security for schools?  In Centerville a guy who says he was talking about the lax security at his granddaughter’s school was arrested and charged with terrorism.  I cant’ imagine the pressure law enforcement must feel.  They are under a microscope and if they decide this guy isn’t a threat, and then he does something to harm kids at a school…it’s going to come back on them.  That said, this really does seem to be a misunderstanding.  This guy isn’t some crazy with an armory in his basement and a survival bunker.  You can only hope that prosecutors and a judge can figure this out.

It’s a reminder that even joking or mentioning anything like this isn’t funny…and it’s easily misinterpreted.  Equate this one to joking about a bomb in the TSA line at an airport.

Speaking of misunderstandings…

The Register has a story about a kid who’s on the sex offender registry for dating and having a consensual relationship with a freshman in high school when he was a senior.  He’s trying to change the law to allow some flexibility in cases like his.  I understand why the law is on the books.  I just think sometimes we don’t stop to make an exception where one is obviously warranted.  It also appears someone targeted this kid by turning him in for a suspected probation violation.  There are people who get out of jail for…lets say a fourth DUI after one year of a five-year sentence(see yesterday’s news)…and we’re worried about this kid?


They fired Coach Rice and that’s the right thing to do…I can’t see how the Athletic Director keeps his job.  If the President of the University saw the tape…it’s hard to talk about the standards of the University when you didn’t adhere to them?

The Chiz

Someone is alleging that Coach Gene Chizik violated NCAA rules when  he was at Auburn?  I’m shocked…shocked!  Iowa State is soooooo much better off without him than they ever were with him.

Late Nights

Now I want to get out to see a Tonight Show in Burbank before it moves to NYC.  Great choice from NBC.  I still feel bad for Conan.

I hope you have a good day.