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Hawkeye fans didn't seem to care one bit that there team was playing in the NIT and not the NCAA tournament.  They flooded area bars just the same to take in the game.  Some called their NIT run "the best thing that could have happened to this young Iowa team."

We caught up with some fans who stayed in central Iowa to watch the game.

Michael Osgood of West Des Moines said, "We get a longer time for practice, a lot more season to play, so I'm happy about it."

Jill Noah of Ankeny added, "It gives you high hopes that this is kind of just like them rebuilding and then next year it's going to be a lot better.

Channel 13’s John Sears traveled to New York where he found plenty more Hawkeye fans there to cheer on their team at the Hawkeye Huddle.

Iowa tipped off with Baylor in Madison Square Garden Thursday night, the Hawks didn’t have much offense early.

It was a good run for Iowa, but they just couldn’t get it together, Baylor wins 74-54.