BRUSH FIRES: Two Out Of Control Burns

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The return of warm temperatures and windy days means conditions are right for brush fires.

Two fires burned out of control in eastern Iowa this week.

In Bettendorf, a maintenance worker’s burn got out of control causing the closure of one lane of I-80 and an evacuation of an area golf course. The fire spread nearly 3/4 of a mile from its starting point.

In Donahue, a brush fire spread to a barn destroying the structure.

Authorities say the wind is what can quickly turns a situation dangerous.

“Keep a very good eye on the wind. You shouldn`t burn if the wind`s over five miles an hour…  You just have to be very careful. Back burn if you can, burn against the wind, make fire breaks, things of that nature,” Donahue Fire Chief Dave Coon advises.

No injuries were reported from either fire.