MURPHY’S LAW: The Designated Hitter, Wedding Overload, Barnstormers Blasted on Twitter by Owner

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By Michael Admire

What a run by the Hawkeyes. It wasn’t the NCAA Tournament but they weren’t ready for it. Most likely the Hawks get one or two games in the Big Dance instead they get five in the NIT. They also won 25 games, which is the second most in school history. Not bad. The Hawkeyes aren’t champs because they were less athletic and went cold from the field, but that doesn’t take away from how far they’ve come. The Hawkeyes will lose Eric May, a great leader, but return a roster with a lot of experience. Don’t be surprised if people choose Iowa as the team to beat next year in the Big 10.

I’m not really a fan of the new MLB schedule where there are sporadic interleague games. Today is the 40th Anniversary of the DH. You either hate it or love it. I for one prefer it. It’s not as strategic, but it’s ugly watching pitchers hit.

Full disclosure: I’m a Royals fan. I grew up watching AL baseball. Though, I do look forward to watching some Cubs this summer. I need an NL team to pull for.

 I’ve been going to the Royals home opener for as long as I can remember and this Monday will be no different. First pitch is 3:10 PM. My family, friends, and I will be in the parking lot by 10 AM.  My dad is making his homemade ‘Crazy Chris’ BBQ Sauce and pulled pork. Nothing beats baseball, Boulevard, and some BBQ.


I’m now at that age where all of my friends are getting married. I just requested 7 vacation days for weddings, rehearsals, and bachelor parties. I hope these all work out or they owe me some vacation time!

There’s a pandemic that is sweeping through Twitter and Instagram: Sunset Pictures. Please folks, stop taking sunset pictures. We get it. The sun is pretty and you’re in a cooler place than we are, but you’re clogging up my timeline. I’ve taken a sunset pic or two, but now it has lost its effect. I have a friend, Melissa, who lives in Hawaii. Her sunset pics are acceptable as you can see.


Barnstormers lost their home opener on Friday. It was their first loss of the season. No body took the ‘L’ hard than former State Senator and part Owner Jeff Lamberti. After the loss he tweeted calling for change on the field. Not cool. Then apologized the next morning. Earlier this week Keith got bombarded with angry tweets after he asked a simple question about the Hawkeyes loss. The next morning several people apologized. I think if we learned anything this week it’s to not tweet when angry or mad.  You look like a dunce the next morning.

Here’s Lamberti’s 3 tweets:

“Terribly disappointed in how we played tonight. We are better than this. But time for some player changes. Need players who want 2 win.”

“We need playmakers not players filling a spot on the roster. Time for some changes.”

“Hate to lose, but I was unfair to my team and coaches. I wanted to apologize here but they will also get one in person.”