LAKE THEFT: Smash And Grab At Gray’s

grays lake

Des Moines police are searching for two men responsible for a smash and grab burglary at Gray’s Lake.

Police say round noon on Saturday, two women went to the park to workout. The women say they put their purses in the back of their van.

While they were in the park, two men drove up behind the van, bashed out the back window, took the purses and drove off.

Witnesses were not able to get a vehicle description but described the assailant as having a mohawk and a tattoo on his neck.

This is just one location metro police have seen vehicle break-ins. West Des Moines police saw more than a dozen thefts last week; half of those at gyms.

They’re warning drivers to not keep valuables in their cars, and lock their doors at all times.

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