SCHOOL BUSES: Campaigning For Sensors

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This weekend, hundreds of people joined a family’s effort to make sure Iowa buses get some extra protection for children alighting them.

Organizers held the Smile Big fundraiser in Waterloo.

It’s in memory of 11-year-old Justin Bradfield who died two years ago when his school bus accidentally hit him after he got off.

Justin’s parents want busses to have sensors on them so they alert the bus driver when anyone’s outside near them.

“The sensors go around the perimeter of the bus, and they alert the driver with an audible noise and flashing lights inside if there is any movement in the danger zones of the school bus,” explained Traci Berry from the Smile Big Foundation

Organizers hope Saturday night’s fundraiser brings in enough money to buy three more sensors for the Janesville district.

After that happens, the Foundation hopes to put sensors on buses in Mason City and Spencer.

Thanks to KWWL.