ALICE TRAINING: Polk County Offers Classes

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Polk County Emergency Management officials have started training people to survive an active shooter scenario.

Channel 13 first told you about ALICE Training in February. On Monday, teachers, law enforcement and EMS personnel met in Des Moines for a two-day training session.

ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuation.

Some say the counter aspect of the training is controversial because it encourages people, to fight back if the situation calls for it.

It is based on research and law enforcement science.

“When people are given an alert and real time information, it empowers them to make a decision to heighten survivability. So if we know an active killer is in other part of building and they’re a long ways away, obviously evacuation would be an option. We don’t tell them how to evacuate; we show them how to evacuate.  Just like a lock down, we show them how to barricade a door to heighten survivability,” instructor Shawn Slezak explained.

Tuesday, attendees will review what they learned in the classroom and then put their new ALICE survivor skills to the test. If they choose they can take what they learned and implement it in schools.

Polk County is holding two more training sessions one later in April and one in June. The classes are paid for with a homeland security grant