ASHLEY OKLAND: Two Years, Zero Answers

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The townhouse on Stone Creek Court finally sold, last July.

Unfortunately for the Okland family, that`s one of the few things that has changed.
Tim is still farming in Story County. Brittany is still in pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota.  Josh is still at Iowa State.

And Ashley is still a mystery.

"A lot of people say `Have you heard anything new?`" Josh says, "and I have nothing to tell them."

Josh is still the family spokesman. The billboards are still flashing Ashley`s face, two years after that day...a day which still doesn`t have a name.
'I would call it an anniversary, but that`s usually associated with more of a happy time,' he says.

Iowa averages more than 50 murders a year, and few get the type of attention that this case has received.  The Oklands are thankful for the attention, but also humbled.

'There are so many that happen per year, why is this one so much more special?" Josh asks. "But obviously for us, it`s a lot more special."

More than 25 percent of murders in Iowa go unsolved.  For the Oklands, that`s hard to hear.

"The more time that goes on, the harder it is to imagine that it gets solved.'
April 8th is now a dark day. That won`t change.  But eventually, other things will.  For the Okland family, many of those will be welcomed.