DOG DEATH: Police Release Call Made To Dispatch

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Police arrested a Des Moines woman for animal torture after she allegedly killed her boyfriend’s dog by hanging it from rafters in the couple's garage.

Police say they received a call to their dispatch line Saturday afternoon.

“She hung our dog in the garage,” said Joshua VanDyke on his call to Des Moines Police.

VanDyke called police to report his girlfriend, Sheena Cornwell, killed their dog, Lillie.

“She went outside with the dog, put the collar on, put it in the garage and then the dog started barking again and she went outside and she just came back in after like fifteen minutes and she`s like she`s dead, and I didn`t believe her and I went out there and the dogs hanging in the garage,” said VanDyke on his call to Des Moines Police.

The dispatch officer asked to talk to Cornwell, who didn't deny what happened and showed no remorse.

“She`s frickin` fifteen years old,” said Cornwell on her call with Des Moines Police.

“All her bones are sticking out of her body, she can`t get comfortable, she`s in pain,” Cornwell went on to tell to dispatch officer.

Police say they found Lillie dead, hanging from the rafters of the garage by her collar and leash.

Cornwell is charged with animal torture, a crime that carries a maximum of two-years in prison.

However, Mindi Callison say it is not enough.

“It atrocious, why anyone would think that is a humane way to put a dog down is beyond me,” says Callison, founder of Bailing Out Benji.

Callison also points to a 2013 study from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

It found that Iowa is one of the worst states when it comes to laws protecting companion animals, like dogs.

“You have to be passionate about this and you need to contact your legislators and tell them the laws aren`t enough,” says Callison.

Cornwell was released from jail on Saturday.

Police say Vandyke requested a restraining order against her and a judge could rule that she is not allowed to own any animals again.