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SHOT PUT: Hunt Prepares To Double-Up, Again

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Lolo Jones remains Roosevelt's most famous track and field alum.

But the Des Moines school keeps cranking out state champions.

Senior Alexa Hunt is the latest Roughrider to double-up.

Last year Hunt won both Drake Relays and State.

"I felt accomplished like on top of the world.  Nothing else in life mattered, my life was complete," she says.

But soon that feeling faded.

"I came back to earth...pretty quickly.  So I got to do it again."

Her coach Brianne Burns knows she has it in her.  "We knew from freshman year she was the real deal, it’s been neat to see her growth throughout the years."

Hunt has been throwing the shot put since middle school, but the shot put wasn't her first field event.  She started out as a pole vaulter, but her coach eventually moved her.

Hunt laughs, “A pole vaulter...yes...what a joke."

There’s no joking around this year.  The pressure is squarely on her.

"A whole lot of pressure actually… more than I anticipated.  Junior year was fun, it wasn't a huge deal. Hey, I won.  It was fun.  Now if I lose its embarrassing, I don't want to be embarrassed."