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GUN AUCTION: DNR Selling Seized Firearms


The public will have the chance to buy firearms and hunting gear from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources at the beginning of May.

The Iowa DNR is holding its spring gun auction May 4th at Jester Park Equestrian Center in Polk City.

Nearly 600 guns will be among the items offered for auction. Other items include bows, tree stands, traps, and other hunting gear.

Officials say the items up for auction have all been seized by the DNR and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

All items are being sold “as is” and those buying firearms will have to have either a valid Iowa permit to acquire pistols or revolvers, a federal firearms license, or a professional or non-professional permit to carry concealed weapons.

The money raised by the sale of DNR guns goes into the Fish & Wildlife Fun. The money raised from DCI guns goes back to the DCI.

A list of guns being auctioned off can be viewed here. The items up for auction can be seen in person from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on May 3rd.


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