HISTORY LESSON: Seniors Teach Madrid Students

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When it comes to learning history, most teachers use text books to cover the great events in the U.S. But one class in Madrid is using a different resource -- the people who actually lived it.

Members of the Madrid High School junior class are meeting with some seniors at the Madrid home to get their perspective on American history.

When asked about the Depression, 98-year-old Madrid Home resident Elsie Gayer said, “We watched our money before we ever spent it…so we probably felt it… but it didn't bother us that much.”

The students have been spending some Fridays at the Madrid Home, asking the residents about their experiences during the times the students are studying.

“Getting to know on first-hand what happened, it gives you a different outlook on what it was actually like...just coming from a textbook,” said student said Shawntel Cairns.

Resident Ruth Wiley had an observation for the students, “And what I'm afraid of in this world…is you are so set on your little machines...and your texting and all that, that you forget to look around you.”