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NCAA VIOLATIONS: ISU Infractions Considered ‘Major’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A report, released Wednesday, reveals Iowa State’s most serious NCAA violations are considered major.

The report reads, in part, “The enforcement staff, institution and involved individuals agree that the findings detailed… Constitute a major Infractions case as a whole.” The 590 page report is not exactly light reading, but was available to the media through the Freedom of Information Act.

It reveals nearly 1,500 impermissible phone calls to recruits with more than 1,400 of those being logging issues.

The investigation started in 2011 when Fred Hoiberg learned assistant coach Keith “Lefty” Moore had improperly contacted recruits.

Iowa State had not previously released the names or sports involved in the infractions, but six current and former coaches turn up in the report for breaking NCAA rules. Those coaches include football assistants Shane Burnham and Bill Bleil.

The majority of ‘true’ violations come from football and men’s basketball. Paul Rhoads totals 11 of the more serious, or “true” violations. Former Coach Gene Chizik holds two. Fred Hoiberg, who looks good for starting the investigation, had three, while his predecessor, Greg McDermott, made 4 true violations.

Other high profile coaches on the list include, women’s basketball coach Bill Fennelly with two, wrestling coach Kevin Jackson with four, and volleyball’s Christy Johnson with zero.

Athletics Director Jamie Pollard released the following statement, “We`ve been committed to being as transparent as possible throughout this entire process, which has been challenging given it has been an ongoing investigation and we did not receive the final report until this week.”

Iowa State has asked the NCAA for two years probatioin, along with other self-enforced penalties.