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RECESS ESCAPE: Child Disappears From Playground

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Authorities say an Iowa six-year-old disappears during recess and ended up just blocks from an interstate earlier this week.

Ashton Chapman’s father Mike Chapman says his son was missing from a Walnut school Monday for 30 minutes before the school contacted him.

“How can that happen at a school? You trust these people with your kids’ lives and come to find out they’re not there, could’ve been abducted, could’ve been anything, so your heart drops right away,” says Chapman.

Walnut Elementary school officials in western Iowa say Ashton was playing at recess and took off. A secretary found Ashton heading toward downtown, just blocks from the interstate.

“If you’ve ever been a parent and had children and couldn’t locate them in an instant, that’s how you feel. You just, nobody wants that to happen on their shift and we aren’t any different,” says principal Kent Klenkefus.

Chapman says the school handled the situation poorly.

The school says it did nothing wrong and claims the boy was being bad and wasn’t missing.