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SPRING BALL: Drake Looking For Title #3

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Winter conditioning is over and the pads are on at Drake University.

“It’s a blast coming out for spring ball. It`s something we look forward to after a long winter. That`s tough getting up every morning so we look forward to getting out on the field,” quarterback Nick Ens says.

The last two bulldog teams won a conference title, but it’s a taboo subject around there.

“We don`t talk about it much. We just go out and practice every day and try and be our best, when we do that good things happen,” sophomore Michael Hudson says.

“No one is going to take that title away from us. It`s always going to be in our trophy case. Now, we got to get our 3rd one in a row,” Ens says.

For a longtime a conference title was the ceiling, but that`s changed. If you win the league, you`re automatically in the FCS playoffs

“Someone from the PFL is going to make history. We`re excited that it`s not only a gold ball and rings. It`s a chance at the playoffs,” Coach Creighton says.

“It adds a little more pressure and incentive to go out and win every game in conference this year and get the job done,” Hudson adds.

So with the bar raised…the work has to start now.

Next fall when the Bulldogs are playing through an expanded 12-team conference their work during winter conditioning and spring ball might be the difference.