WELCOME SIGHT: Farmers Enjoying The Forecast

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After months of drought, the wet weather is a welcomed sight.

Rain has been falling for days now, with measurable totals all over Iowa.

After last year's dry spell, farmers are soaking up the forecast.

“You`re never disappointed after a dry year to see rain,” says Farmer Mike Penick.

Penick farms 1,400 acres of corn and soybeans near Carlisle.

‘Most of our equipment is ready, we`ve been hauling some grain that we already sold and just kind of waiting now,” says Penick.

Last year, Penick started planting on April 11th, then he spent the summer watching his crops struggle in the extremely dry conditions.

This year things are looking up, but too much rain can also cause problems, problems that can be avoided if the forecast improves.

“A lot of warm weather, as cold as it is now its cooling the ground off fast so we need a lot of warm weather and dry weather,” says Penick.

The State Climatologist says the substantial rain across the state will make a big impact on the drought.

Now that the ground has thawed, the moisture is allowed to soak in to the soil, rather than just run off.

But for now it's a waiting game.  Last year, Penick was waiting for rain.  This year, he's waiting for the sun.

“Rain or no rain we need to have some warm weather now it`s cold, and the ground temperature has got to be 50 consistently and we`re a long ways from that,” says Penick.

Penick says it will take several days in a row of warm temperatures to dry up all the moisture on his fields, before he can start planting.

After that he's hoping for average rain fall which this time a year is about 7/10 of an inch a week.