CAPACITY CROWD: Valley To Overflow With Hawkeyes

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It might be cold and gray, but here come the black and gold…

“Less than 24 hours after we opened the ticket distribution, they were all gone,” said Hy-Vee's Ruth Comer.

No one’s surprised…this was a smart move by Iowa.

“I think that they want to get to their central Iowa and western Iowa fans," said Valley High School athletics director, Brad Rose.

Hy-Vee distributed the tickets, drawing thousands into their metro stores.

“They had customers that had driven down from Sioux City and from places all around the state to get tickets,” Comer said.

But some simple math uncovers a potential problem.

There is Valley Stadium…

“It officially holds 10,000 in seats. 12,000 if you fill the endzones,” Rose said.

And there are the 12,000 tickets that have already been handed out. Plus, Iowa sent another 1,000 to Herky’s Locker Room in Valley West Mall, Thursday.

“I had a line kind of down the story and around the corner about noon,” said manager, Ann Marie Thomas.

Those will be gone, soon, and then what’s Valley gonna do?

“Well, I’d say I’m still worried,” Rose said.

There’s plenty of land around the stadium, but not much parking. Fortunately, Valley will get a hand from places like Jimmy’s Big Ten Restaurant on 8th Street.

“We figured that if we got a free shuttle we could get people in and out, we could kind of have a tailgate,” said owner, Tim Kovacevich.

Valley says it can count on places like Jimmy’s to help with the Hawkeye crowd, and on something else: no shows.

“The statistical people tell us that they printed 13,000," said Rose. "Not all 13,000 tickets will get used. So I’m not anticipating having 13,000 people with a ticket in hand.”

Hmmmm…anyone remember the last time an Iowa crowd was SMALLER than expected?

Me neither.