DANGEROUS CHASE: High Speed Chase Ends In Crash

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Des Moines Police say what started as a routine traffic stop quickly escalated into a dangerous high-speed chase.

The rear end of Kristin Koch's car looks like an accordion.

“I was hit from behind and I didn`t see it coming or anything,” says Drake Student Kristin Koch.

Police say it happened Tuesday around 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of 31st and University.

Police say 42-year old Robert Howell is responsible.

“They noted some suspicious activity with the vehicle that made them suspicious. When they got back behind the vehicle they noticed some traffic violations and they stopped him for those violations,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police Dept.

After handing police his driver's license Howell sped away.

Police say he took off West on University, turned North on 34th Street, then headed East onto Forest Avenue, turned onto 30th Street eventually coming back to University where he hit Koch who was at the stoplight at the intersection.

“I was really shook up I still am.  It`s just kind of crazy, I didn`t see it coming,” says Koch.

Police say right after the crash, Howell took off and started running.

“The driver  ran Southbound towards the Walgreen’s at 31st and University, he was seen throwing things from his person, later recovered narcotics that he was throwing as he ran,” says Sgt. Halifax.

Police found 25 baggies of marijuana and 16 packages of crack-cocaine.

They also say it could have been a lot worse. Police estimated Howell reached speeds of 80 miles per hour.

Koch said the impact caused her airbags to deploy and totaled her car.

“It`s pretty crazy, I take it as I took the brunt of the action, but at least they got him, that`s the good part of the situation,” says Koch.

Police caught up with Howell in the parking lot and arrested him.

He's facing a long list of charges including possession of marijuana and cocaine and eluding police.