FASHION SHOW: Students Rule The Runway

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This is Fashion Week at Iowa State University, as designers get ready for the one of the country's largest student run fashion shows. Models will strut their stuff Saturday night in Stephens Auditorium. Students have been planning the fashion show for months and they say it's provided a valuable part of their education.

From building the set, to designing the clothes, Sophomore Catherine Vazquez says, "It's a lot more work than I expected."

More than 100 students at Iowa State are working on The Fashion Show 2013. Senior Molly Charipar says, "We all have our specific jobs and delegating tasks makes it easier."

Charipar is co-set director and clothing designer. She says, "So, this is one of my children's shirts that I designed." She'll show-off four collections during Saturday's show. In all, 30 student models will take turns walking the runway in 100 student produced garments, including an engineered design by Molly. She says, "I actually took the inspiration from my summer in New York City. I did an internship there with Marc Jacobs."

The fashion show is quite a time commitment for the students. They've been planning it in class all semester. And, this week students started building the runway and the set on stage. Set Tech Director Morgann McCoy says, "We have 3 doors the models will be coming through." She says the show's theme is “Gothic Cathedral inspired.” Crews are building two sets. One is with the three doors. And, another has a stained glass window and columns. McCoy says, “And things that will look like the inside of a cathedral."

Junior Hannah Sinclair says, "It takes about $20,000 to put on this show. And, if you look at it and you come Saturday at 7, you will be amazed that that little amount can put on this big of a show."

The students say the show helps them learn big lessons, and not just about making clothes or designing sets. McCoy says, "We just learn a lot about leadership and being involved in something bigger."

Organizers say they expect a sell-out crowd of more than 2,000 people. The Fashion Show is Saturday at 7 p.m. at Stephens Auditorium. Tickets are $16 for students and $22 for adults.