MORNING BUZZ: Immigration, Education and We’re talking about Practice….

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Good Morning!  Lots to get to this morning and I am making a return performance as helping parent in the boy’s classroom this morning so I’ve got to get this done.


I have to admit I am surprised at the new NBC News/Wall St Journal poll on immigration.  Two thirds of the people who responded think there should be some path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  I didn’t expect that number.

The Today show visited Ottumwa as an example of a Midwestern town that is dealing with an influx of immigrants.  It is, of course, but I wonder what people will say about the Today story. I haven’t seen the story,  I’d be interested in your comments once it airs.

I get the sense that it will be very positive for Wapello County and Ottumwa.  To be sure, community leaders have stepped up to try to make a difficult transition for the town and its’ new residents a little easier.  Some of the things they’ve done are innovative and worth recognition.  I hope they also recognize that the process of integration for towns is ongoing.  There will always be a segment of the population the longs for “the way it used to be” and a segment of the population not willing to open their horizon and accept the changing face of their community.

It seems a lot of Iowa towns took the issue of immigration head-on and its paid off.  Our history is full of periods where immigrants have been vilified…times when the transition has been hard.  If our Irish, German, Jewish or Italian great Grandparents could talk to us about this, I think they would tell you this is an old story with a new face.  Latinos bring so much to the melting pot.  In the end it’s always been worth the growing pains to welcome new groups to our country.


Republicans made a big concession on the School reform debate.  They gave Democrats the 4% growth they wanted.  Now what are Democrats willing to compromise on?  Nothing apparently.  So they’d like more money to keep doing what we’re doing in schools?  Nothing’s broken?  That’s a hard position to make the case for.


So I was talking about the fact that 13,000 tickets had been issued for this weekend’s practice for the Iowa Hawkeyes at Valley Stadium; which holds no more than 12,000.  I was saying there might be a lot of people who don’t go out to Valley because, for instance, The final round of The Masters is on.  Jeriann almost sprained her eyeballs rolling them into the back of her head.  So I asked for some viewer feedback.  The only four emails we got were from Hawkeye fans who said they would watch the Masters instead of going to practice.  I’m not calling into question the loyalty or sincerity of Hawk fans…I’m just saying, the season doesn’t start for months.


This also has the potential to be one of the better Masters in a long time.  Tiger, Sergio, Dustin Johnson and 50-something Fred Couples are all in the hunt.  Oh, and by the way, Zach Johnson made the most of a couple of weeks off.  His putter is working and so, he is also in the mix at three under.  If you need me I will be in front of a TV.

I hope you all have a great weekend!