MORTGAGE SCHEME: Guilty Pleas Entered

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Four people, including a Des Moines police officer, have pleaded guilty to charges connected with mortgage fraud scams.

Jamie Bowers-Danielson and Matthew Danielson, both 35 and from Ankeny, pleaded guilty to bank fraud. Investigators say false information was provided to their lender that left Bowers-Danielson’s signature off of the mortgage documents – so the mortgage would be voided and the couple would end up with a “free house.”

Bowers-Danielson, who was a loan originator, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud for falsifying information that allowed her, and others, to qualify for mortgage loans through fraudulent means.

Forty-three-year-old Bobbi Jo Wojewoda, of Grimes, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud as well. As an apprentice appraiser she inflated values for her own, and others’, benefit. She also didn’t disclose conflicts of interest when she acted as the appraiser for her own home and homes she acted as the real estate agent for.

Wojewoda’s husband Wade, an officer with the Des Moines Police Department, pleaded guilty to receipt of proceeds obtained under false pretenses. The charge relates to the purchase of the couple’s home in 2003.

The Des Moines Police Department issued this statement on Wojewoda’s status:

“Lt. Wojewoda has been and will remain on administrative re-assignment to a position within the department. Now that his criminal case has concluded, the Administrative Investigation will begin. This administrative review will consider all the facts of the case. His employment status will be evaluated at the conclusion of this review.”

Sentencing for Jamie Bowers-Danielson and Matt Danielson has been set for July 26th. The Wojowodas will be sentenced July 31st.