MURPHY’S LAW: Frigid I-Cubs, Lay off the kid!!!, Ship my pants

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By: John Sears

The Iowa Cubs are 1-8.  They’re 0-5 against Albuquerque.  Friday they lost their home opener 15-5 in front of a sparse crowd at Principal park.  39 degrees at first pitch.  No thanks.  I like baseball, but not that much.    At this rate the I-Cubs will be out of playoff contention by the end of April.  It has to get better, right?

I love watching the Masters.  It’s the best tournament in golf and there’s just something about Augusta national that makes it even better.  The commentary, the way it looks on tv, everything.  It’s THE major everyone wants to win.  Masters Sunday is always fun.

Iowa native Zach Johnson showed just how tough it is to be consistent at the Masters.  After firing a 69 in round 1 Johnson follows it up with a 76 in round 2.  From top 10 to outside the top 30.  Zach is going to have to shoot in the 60’s on the weekend to have any shot, which is very slim.

Seeing Tiger Woods on the front page of the leaderboard makes every golf tournament augustabetter.  Period.  I don’t care what you think of Tiger as a person, as a golfer he raises the game 1000000%.  When Tiger is in contention I always try to watch, if he isn’t I’ll probably still watch but I won’t be as entertained.  Just watch for the ratings, if Tiger is in contention on Sunday the ratings will be through the roof, if he’s not they’ll still be good, but not as high as if he were leading.

Tianlang Guan made the cut at +4.  He’s 14 years old.  This is incredible.  Think about what you were doing at 14 years old.  Now think of playing at the Masters and MAKING THE CUT.  At 14 I was too busy worrying about whether my voice was going to crack if I talked to a girl.  14 years old and he makes the cut at the Masters, unbelievable.

Guan almost didn’t make the cut.  He was penalized 1 shot on the 17th hole for slow play.  How ridiculous.  You’re telling me that every other player in the field was playing at a perfect pace?  I’m not saying he wasn’t playing slow, I assume he was since he was penalized.  But come on…The kid is 2 holes away from finishing the greatest 2 days of his life and they decide to penalize him on the 17th?  Give me a break.  Go Guan.

Anyone else sick of this weather?

Sandlot1The movie ‘The Sandlot’ turned 20 years old this week.  I’m getting old.  I was 11 when it came out, and I still love it.  ‘You’re killing me Smalls!!!’

I don’t shop at KMart, I’m more of a Kohls guy.  But hats off to the Mart for this gem of an ad.