DEADLY SHOOTING: Man Murdered Sunday

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A 19-year-old Chicago man is dead after a shooting in Des Moines this weekend.

Police were called shortly before 1:30 a.m. Sunday to the Temple Block  apartments on the corner of 6th and Forest Avenue.

When they arrived, they found Anthony Denzell Moss inside the apartment.  He had been shot to death.

"One of the other people in the apartment with him is who actually called so we believe there is a pretty strong witness that can give us a direction of where to go from here," says Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax.

Police are treating the investigation as a homicide. Witnesses were taken in to the station to be interviewed overnight.

"From what I understand from the investigation, we don't feel as though this is a random thing," says Halifax.

Sunday morning's shooting is believed to be the city's second homicide of 2013.