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MURPHY’S LAW: Soundoff Host, Champ from down under, NY Post Wins

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By: John Sears

I hosted Soundoff again Sunday night, only this time I ‘really’ hosted Soundoff.  Keith is on vacation so I was in the hosting chair, or the hot seat.  You never know how much work goes in to producing an entire Soundoff show until you actually do it.  It’s not easy.  All in all I think I held my own, it always helps when you have someone like Andy as your wing man.  Hope to do it again soon.

Marlene from Des Moines called in to tell me I’m doing a ‘great job.’  Humble brag.  Marlene is my biggest fan.

I love Masters Sunday.  I love golf, and watching the Masters is awesome.  You can’t ask for a better finish.  Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera both birdie 18 to force a playoff, then Scott wins in dramatic fashion, sinking a birdie putt on the 2nd playoff hole.  Awesome.  Hard to believe that’s the first Masters championship for Australia.  Greg Norman came oh so close, Adam Scott closes the deal.  Clutch.

I love that Tiger was in contention on Sunday.  He needed a 66 to win or force a playoff, that’s a lot to ask, but when Tiger is in contention on a major Sunday, I’m watching…At least as much as I can when I’m not producing a show, or 2…

For the fans that wanted Tiger DQ’d for his apparent illegal drop, give me a break.  Not even the Masters officials thought it was a penalty until someone watching from home called the Masters hotline to complain.  Seriously?  Watch it again, it’s not as blatatiger ny postnt as people think.  I’m still not sure he dropped his ball over 2 yards from the original spot.

Tiger is 1 ‘flagstick’ hit shot away from being right in the mix with Scott and Cabrera.  He’s back, now its just a matter of time.

Have you seen the NY Post cover for the penalty on Tiger?  Winner.  Pretty funny.  Not sure many other media outlets could get away with this.

The Hawkeyes practiced at Valley stadium on Sunday.  I love this idea and think more teams should do it.  They gave away 13,000 tickets, only 8,000 showed up.  That’s still a lot of fans to watch a practice.  In the words of Allen Iverson, “What are we talkin’ about?  Practice!?!?  We’re talkin’ bout practice.”  Loved it.

jack smilingHeading home.  Been a long, productive day.  Hopefully my 1 month old son Jack is sleeping.  My guess is he will be wide awake.