PAY PROTEST: Loebsack Donates Paycheck


An eastern Iowa congressman says he’s giving away part of his salary to show support for some federal workers who will be forced to lose some of their paychecks.

Second District Democrat Dave Loebsack held an event in Davenport Saturday to make the announcement.

He says he’ll donate about $6,700 to charity.

That’s about 14 days pay, roughly what some federal workers will lose because of federal sequestration.

He voted against the sequestration plan. He says giving up some of his pay’s the least he can do.

“It’s not that big of a sacrifice given what’s happening to folks as a result of sequester,” said Loebsack. “That’s really got to be the focus – on those folks – what we can do to reverse this sequester and what we can do to make sure congress and the president do the right thing.”

The president and eight of his cabinet members also gave back a portion of their salaries

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