SECOND SHOOTING: Man In Critical Conditon

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Ten hours after a previous shooting homicide Sunday morning, police responded to another shooting.

Just before noon Sunday, police were called to 926 Oakridge located just north of downtown.

Witness Earl Caldwell described the scene, “I was sleep, they woke me up and said they heard a couple shots, so I got up and I looked out the back window and I see blood, a hat, a cell phone and a jacket, and tape and police everywhere.”

Officers say they found a 20-year-old male in between two apartment buildings.

The young man had several gunshot wounds.

He was taken to the hospital where he's listed in critical condition. Police say it's not likely the man will survive.

Neighbors said the shooting has put them on edge. One neighbor, who doesn't speak English, asked her daughter, Lily Luong to translate what she saw and heard unfold, “My mom was washing the dishes and she heard four gun shots, probably the guys cousin or something, was like oh my gosh call 9-1-1, she was terrified.”

Police have brought in one witness for questioning but have not identified any suspects or announced any arrests.

Police can't say if the two shootings are related,  but it's something investigators are considering. They say more information will unfold as the investigation does.

Until then neighbors say they'll be keeping a watchful eye hoping a weekend of crime comes to an end.