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BAIT CARS: Patrol Hopes To Catch Thieves

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Iowa State Troopers want to go fishing, but they are hoping to reel in car thieves instead of fish.

The State Patrol rolled out two new bait cars Tuesday; obviously they kept them under wraps to conceal their appearances, but they say they are equipped with cameras and GPS tracking devices to catch the criminal in the act.

The cars will be placed in areas where there are a lot of reported vehicle thefts.

“Between 2006 and 2010 there were over 22,400 cars stolen in Iowa. I think that’s a staggering figure. That’s one vehicle theft for every 97 licensed drivers in the state,“ Trooper Dave Garrison said.

Nationwide Insurance sponsors the bait car program.

Nationwide’s Vice President pointed out that when you pay your comprehensive auto insurance policy ¼ of that money goes to off-set losses from auto theft.