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MORNING BUZZ: Boston, Penalty, and Movie

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Good Morning…

It was a crazy Monday…then I found out my Monday was a piece of cake.

I ran around all morning trying to get tax forms signed.  I didn’t have my act together so one trip to the accountant’s office turned into three.  I also forgot to get clothes for the boys so I had to make an extra trip out west to drop those off.  The result was a disorganized and frustrating morning that ended when I cut a big check to the government.

And then you get a little perspective on your life.


The alerts started coming across my phone just as I was getting ready to take a quick nap yesterday.  I turned on my TV and, like a lot of people, was locked in for the next few hours…

I thought NBC’s Brian Williams did a good job of not reaching any conclusions while still using experience to describe the scene.

If this is an act of Domestic Terrorism, you have to ask yourself…what are you so mad about that you would target innocent people..runners?  What in the world is controversial about running?

If it’s an international terrorist group the same kind of question crossed my mind yesterday.   When Americans venture outside the US, I think we all accept that there is risk of being a target.  If you come to our country, and worse, target one of the nation’s iconic events or landmarks…you’re done.  No one is going to forget…no one is more scared today.  You simply strengthen the resolve of people you are looking to destroy.  In fact you picked an event where people from all over the country and all over world are involved.  Congratulations on making sure everyone feels like this effected them personally.  I mean how stupid do you have to be?  Have you missed the last ten years?  I bet Bin Laden thought he got away with it too.  And Boston?  Not the City you want to screw around with.


Looks like a serious proposals from the Senate on Immigration reform.  The path to Citizenship looks long but manageable.  It also allows people who are law-abiding to come out of the shadows and get right with the feds.  I agree that border enforcement needs to ramp up as a part of this.  It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.


The gun debate continues as well in Washington.  I am not moved by the idea that asking gun owners to register would infringe their rights.  This new bill SPECIFICALLY prohibits the establishment of a Federal Gun database.  What’s more, if that’s your argument…why do we have laws at all?  It certainly isn’t going to STOP someone from getting a gun, but why not make it harder for criminals to slip through the cracks?  Criminals would have to go to the black market…  One can only hope prices rise and access gets more difficult.  Why is that a problem?  If you are a law-abiding gun owner you will register…everything will go smoothly and you can buy your guns.

Young at Heart

I was out watching the Masters on Sunday with a friend.  We were sitting at the bar at Americana for most of the afternoon.  It was quiet until about five when we started seeing a lot of groups of ladies…most of whom had at least on sparkled or bangled piece of clothing on.  It took us a few minutes to put the crowd together with the fact that Bon Jovi was  playing last night.  It was interesting people watching and I imagine there are more than a few people woke up Monday morning saying…”I’m not 21 anymore”.  You haven’t been for about 20 years. Good for you for trying though…


So the coverage of Tiger Woods post-round two-stroke penalty on Saturday morning was like watching a Supreme Court ruling.  I disagree with the penalty and think that all of the commentators with their undies in a bunch calling for Tiger to DQ himself were acting like idiots.  Why?  Here’s why…tiger-shots-side-by-sideThe photographer who took these two photos verified he didn’t move…whereas the TV camera everyone was relying on for a view of the shot admitted he moved between the two shots…So even if Tiger intended to drop behind his first shot…it would appear he is standing inches from where he hit his first.  So do you penalize him for impure thoughts?  Golfers use the rules all the time to gain advantage…and would say this rule was ambiguous enough that Tiger’s drop was legal.  We’ll never know what would have happened…but I think the drop was legal.


I will also be in the minority opinion in saying I didn’t like 42. Maybe its the fact that I went into the movie expecting so much.  Hollywood was served up a story that showcased some of the darkest parts of our recent history and some of the people who were brave enough to stand up and say it was wrong.  I felt like there were a few scenes in the move that captured how hard it must have been…but at times I felt like the movie used crescendoing music in place of actual drama.  Why would you do that?  There was plenty of drama in Robinson’s life.  A lot of critics wrote a reviews similar to this one I found from The Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Morgenstern:

“…at its best, Brian Helgeland’s celebration of Jackie Robinson … rises to a level the subject deserves.” At other times, however, it comes across as “ponderously reverential.” Boseman “is appealing in the title role, even though he’s limited by the predictable writing,” and overall “42” is a “handsome studio production” — although “the downside of all this studio gloss is the cautious studio style.” In other words, he wrote, “what’s been carefully filtered out of the film as a whole is the tumult and passion of Robinson’s life.”

It was good but I wanted more.

I hope you all have a good day.  Stay warm!