MOOT COURT: Student Lawyers Argue Case

moot court

Iowa high school students are learning that knowledge does not just come from memorizing a book.

A Roosevelt High School AP Government class is participating in a moot court Thursday.  The student lawyers had to convince a panel of student judges of their arguments. Also among those who needed convincing was Larry Eisenhauer, Chief Judge, of the Iowa Court of Appeals.

“I’m going to sit up here with panel of nine student judges, hear from student lawyers make arguments as if appearing before United States Supreme Court,” said Eisenhauer.

The students are presenting arguments in the case of Hollingsworth v Perry, a real case argued last month which challenges the Constitutionality of California’s Proposition Eight. Student “attorney” Ryan Dawson stated how valuable the experience was for him.

“I learned how to put a case brief together. You have to write a brief and put it before the court before arguing. You have to cite state and federal cases,” said Dawson.

Two more justices from Iowa’s Appellate Court will perform similar roles Friday at East and Roosevelt High Schools.

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