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Joshua RyanAmes police want help identifying people who flipped over two vehicles overnight in Ames.

They think a picture circulating on social media shows the lawbreakers in action.

Police say people flipped over the first vehicle around midnight in the 300 block of Welch. Investigators say a group was rocking the car until it eventually flipped onto its side.

A Spencer man was the only person arrested at this point, Joshua Ryan is charged with 2nd degree criminal mischief.

At 2:25 a.m., Saturday, another car was flipped over. That took place at 2035 Sunset Drive. Authorities apparently don’t have a picture of that crime in action.

Anyone with information is asked to call Ames police or Story County Crimestoppers on 515-382-7577.

Those actions took place during Iowa State‚Äôs annual VEISHEA celebration. Overall, police told us they didn’t handle any more calls last night than a typical VEISHEA Friday night.

From 3 p.m. Friday to 7 Saturday morning, police responded to 142 calls. In total, they made 21 arrests – mostly alcohol related – 12 for public intoxication and one for driving drunk.veishea car flip