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DOT THEFT: Two Workers Arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A two year investigation covering Story, Polk and Woodbury Counties wrapped up with two men behind bars Saturday.

Authorities say they arrested 56-year-old David Weigel and 59-year-old Grady Marx on multiple charges including theft in the first degree and money laundering.

They say the Iowa DOT was tipped off that an employee, Weigel was performing suspicious transactions.

Weigel was a right-of-way agent who dealt with the sale and purchase of DOT land and the maintenance of the land.

In court documents it says Weigel is accused of selling DOT land to several people and keeping a portion of the funds; nearly $240,000.

He is accused of charging several people to maintain the land and keeping the money.

The investigation also found that Grady Marx worked with Weigel, receiving $237,360 in DOT money and funneling it back to him.

Iowa DOT director Paul Trombino says they’re working to make sure it can’t happen again, “[We] looked at a series of processes from disposal of excess land to how we lease land and we changed all those processes, more protocol and sign off procedures in place that we think will help rectify this issue.”

Authorities are asking the public for help in the on-going investigation. They think they’re may be others out there who have made check or cash payments to Weigel for the purchase or rent of DOT land.

If you have information you’re asked to call the financial investigation team at 515-725-6290.