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HOME SAFETY: Mourning Family’s Mission

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A family said goodbye to their two year old Saturday months after she died when a TV fell on her.

Two year old Aleena Coe's family held a funeral service for her in November but waited for the burial until a head stone was created.

Saturday, family and friends also took the opportunity to educate others on tips to keep their kids safe.

The Des Moines toddler was seriously injured in August when she pulled an older TV down on herself. She spent months in a coma but in November passed away from her injuries.

Both family and friends say they were able to get some closure, “Today, we choose to meet with a bunch of family members to pay a tribute to her.”

But it wasn't just a day to lay Aleena to rest, it was also a day to pay tribute to her life by helping other children.

Family and friends visited several metro neighborhoods with one mission, “It`s important that we get awareness to all the families out there, the seriousness that it is truly about falling furniture on little children.”

With hundreds of flyers in hand, they went door to door to spread awareness about furniture tip-overs and ways to secure your furniture so accidents don't happen.

In total, family and friends handed out 1,000 flyers that included advice on how to secure furniture and TVs so they can't be pulled down by a child.