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A planning committee is hoping bike riders that make their way to Des Moines for RAGBRAI will leave with a positive image of the capital city.

“When people leave Des Moines, they’ll have a first-hand impression about how great our city is. It really is a gem and most people are pleasantly surprised when they come here. We’re hoping our RAGBRAI stop will add to that experience, said Chris Diebel, a member of Des Moines’ RAGBRAI planning committee.

Des Moines was selected as one of eight overnight cities.

Riders will arrive Tuesday, July 23rd after a 50 mile ride from Perry.

A camping site will be set up in Waterworks Park. Riders can then take a shuttle downtown.

Vendors will set up alongside the Principal Riverwalk and Walnut Street Bridge. A concert stage will be set up on the Court Avenue Bridge. Riders can also tour the World Food Prize and State Historical Society.

The night will wind down with a fireworks show.

“Our kids say we spend so much time downtown we should live here. It will be really fun for my kids to be able to play by the river, eat all the food, and a lot of our friends will be downtown as well. It will be really fun to share with everybody,” said Marc Hollander, a RAGBRAI rider.

This is the first time RAGBRAI has rolled through Des Moines in 16 years.