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SHOWING SUPPORT: Iowans Run For Boston

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Hundreds of Iowans ran in honor of those in Boston Saturday morning.

“We`re showing our support, of course there are some of the questions about what happened, why we might never know why, but in addition to the solidarity there's definitely a spirit of determination here. We’re going to keep doing this. This is important,” says Elizabeth Keest Sedrel, of the Des Moines Marathon Running Club.

The club hosted a free walk/run event at Nollen Plaza downtown. Runners looped around Grey's Lake and the downtown area.

Organizers say it’s the least they could to show their support.

2013 Boston Marathon runner, Laura West, says this type of support is exactly what all runners and Bostonians need.

“I really think it’s important to the victims that we show our support and we will keep running and were not going to let the terrorists and whoever the people are stop us,” said West.

Organizers estimate 400 runners participated in the event.