MURPHY’S LAW: Really? The Irish Vacation Slide Show? Yep.

Posted on: 10:14 pm, April 22, 2013, by , updated on: 12:06am, April 23, 2013

I realize nothing clears out a living room like an offer to share vacation pictures. Still, if you’ll indulge me, Jenny and I had the privilege of meeting my parents and sister in the motherland, Ireland.

I unplugged for the entire week, though the terror in Boston stayed on nearly every television in Ireland. More than 125 runners with Irish passports took part in the Boston Marathon, and of course, Boston is a city full of Irish-Americans. One of those Irish-Americans in Boston is my lifelong best friend, John. He’s a police officer, and his wife, Stacey, helps with the Marathon. Both John and Stacey, we learned, are fine.

For those still with me, the vacation slide show, complete with captions.

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  • Cheers! Vacation begins with lunch and a trip to Guinness factory.

  • Rock of Cashel. Came across this magnificent place while looking for something else.

  • Cemetery outside Rock of Cashel.

  • Jenny and I at Blarney Castle.

  • Jenny kissing the Blarney Stone. Neck surgery won't allow me this move, so I must go without the "gift of gab".

  • Pointing the way to Murphy's Farmhouse.

  • Definitely a good place to be a sheep. Rooms with views.

  • Opened a pub while we were there.

  • Jenny and my sister, Barbara, bought hats.

  • This picture is in a pub in Dingle. Jenny thinks it looks like the Irish Hayden Fry.

  • A hardware store that's also a pub. Not kidding. Look at shelves.

  • The GPS took us down this road, and the GPS was right.

  • It was so windy on the Cliffs of Moher, my mom, sister, and wife had to brace.

  • 70 mph wind gusts and tourists are posing on the edge of a 200 meter drop.

  • I needed the puffy coat.

  • Random castle.

  • Traditional Irish music at a pub in Doolin.

  • My dad and Danny. Danny runs a bed & breakfast in Doolin, and he is a character.

  • My dad catching 20 winks at a pub stop.

  • Jenny was fascinated by the peat turf that burns slowly in fireplaces.

  • The original Murphy 4.

  • Took this picture on the side of the road in western Ireland.

  • Kylemore Abbey.

  • Church at Kylemore Abbey.

  • I like this photo of mom & dad walking from the church to the abbey.

  • Final night. Final pub. Pubs are the gathering places in every village.

  • We stayed in this country house on our final night. It was beautiful

  • Sunrise as we leave for airport.